Eat Healthy

Are you in need of up to date nutrition information?
Do you have a health issue that can be improved with nutrition therapy?
Are you looking for healthy, lifetime approach to eating for you and your family?
Do you love delicious, wholesome and real food?
Are you ready to feel a whole lot better?

I’m Elyssa Hurlbut — a registered dietitian, nutrition counselor, and founder of EH Nutrition — and I can help you find real-life solutions to all your nutritional concerns with a healthy eating plan that is designed especially for you. You’ll learn how to choose and prepare foods that are nutritious and delicious, to help you "thrive" without feeling "deprived". You’ll discover tips and tricks to keep your personalized nutrition program on course, no matter where your life takes you. And you’ll learn how to use proper nutrition to solve the issues that are most important to you:

  • Weight Loss
  • Gastrointestinal Issues including Reflux, IBS & Celiac Disease
  • Heart Health
  • Insulin Resistance, Pre-diabetes and Diabetes
  • Cancer Prevention and Recovery
  • Pediatric Nutrition including Picky Eaters, Failure to Thrive, Weight Gain and Weight Loss
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Women’s Health Issues including Pregnancy, Lactation, Osteoporosis and Menopause
Individual Consultations

Your personalized nutrition plan starts with you. We’ll discuss your current eating habits, your health history, and your goals for the future. Together, we’ll develop an individualized program that addresses your nutritional needs, your food preferences, your lifestyle, and your goals. I’ll also consult your doctor or health care provider when necessary, to make sure that we are all working toward a healthier, happier you. Get Started »

Family Counseling

As a wife and mother, I understand the challenges of feeding your family meals that taste good - and are good for them. How can you please a picky eater? What are the healthiest lunches and snacks? How do you squeeze in a healthy dinner between after-school activities? What are the smartest choices for dining out? We'll discuss your family's current eating habits and develop a healthy eating plan based upon your entire family's needs. Get Started »

Supermarket Tours

Healthy eating starts with healthy choices, but those choices can be overwhelming at the supermarket. We'll meet at your favorite store for an aisle-by-aisle how-to of healthy grocery shopping. You'll learn how to compare labels, make healthier choices, and avoid the pitfalls of impulse buying. Bring a friend or two, and take home a customizable grocery list and a cart full of delicious, nutritious meals. Get Started »

Group Presentations

Looking for a new idea for your book club, professional group, or favorite friendly gathering? I'll host a nutrition-focused gathering on the topic that's right for your group - or select from these popular presentations: Eating for Health & Energy, Eat Right in your 30's, 40's, 50's and Beyond, Nutrition For Athletes, Heart Health Now, Getting Past The Pregnancy Weight Gain, After Breast Cancer - Healing Foods and Healthy Strategies, Feeding the Finicky Child, Healthy Dinners In A Hurry. Get Started »

Worksite Wellness

Offer your employees a valuable service right in your own office and build a healthier workplace community. I'll host a Worksite Wellness Program for your employees with interactive workshops on maximizing wellness, fueling your body for peak work performance, minimizing chronic illness through healthy eating, or navigating the worksite cafeteria. Get Started »