Side Dish or Main Dish---YOU CHOOSE!
January 22, 2014  | 
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With the temperatures dropping and the snow storm rolling in, I was looking for something warming but easy to make for dinner.  Pressed for time, I remembered a recipe that I saw in the December 2013 issue of Bon Appetit.  "Fast, Easy, Fresh--Weeknight Favorites"  probably caught my eye.  My family will disagree and say that I am drawn to any recipe that has white beans as a featured ingredient.   I can't argue with them.  They are delicious, absorb all of the flavors that they are paired with and are a nutritional powerhouse.  Cannellini Beans as they like to be called  are a pantry staple and this scrumptious dish proves it all.  The real question here is, does this dish stand on it's own or should it be paired with protein such as grilled chicken or shrimp?  If I were serving it to guests, I may opt for the added protein but as a winter comfort food, I simply cooked up a bit of farro (Trader Joe's is my "go to" for this) and served the two together.  A new family staple was born!  Try this and let me know how you personalized this dish---I assure you, you can't go wrong!