Summer---You've Got This!
June 18, 2016  | 
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I love the spontaneity of the summer season.  Last minute invites are always fun.  But what to bring??? Often, I just want to wave my magic wand but I know that homemade dishes are almost always more delicious and healthier.  If my fridge is well-stocked, I can usually come up with something that is sure to please.  Follow these simple guidelines to make your bring along dish.
  • Start with a Grain:  Pasta or quinoa or barley or faro, etc.
  • Power up with Veggies:  Anything goes--raw, steamed, roasted---chopped, shredded or spiralized
  • Add in some Protein:  Feta or mozzarella balls or a rinsed can of cannelini beans or chopped nuts or grilled chicken or shrimp.
  • Bump up the Flavor: Fresh herbs such as basil, oregano, rosemary or sage.
  • Finish with a homemade or store bought Vinaigrette.
Barilla Plus Pasta
Sugar snap peas and sliced tomatoes
Feta Cheese
Fresh Oregano 
Brianna's Italian Vinaigrette
Mix together and enjoy!