Maximize Your Motion
August 24, 2019  | 
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Any one that has ever worked with me knows that I have several phrases that seem to come up repeatedly in our sessions.  These powerful words act like cheerleaders sitting on your shoulder every day.  They lead you towards better decision making.  Most people find them inspiring. Whether it be choosing a yogurt over a muffin at breakfast or opting to spend an extra 20 minutes in the kitchen to prep your lunch for the next day, or choosing a more adventurous dish at the office cafe, this positive voice can make a difference in helping you achieve your goals.  One phrase that I should have posted in the brightest neon green in my office is: MAXIMIZE YOUR MOTION.  Seems easy enough but with our busy lives and sedentary jobs, most of us feel victorious just to squeeze in a workout a few times each week.  With our phones and other fitness trackers, we now have a way to track our steps through the day. Researchers are tracking the relationship between steps and mortality.  Read the following New York Times article to learn more but I challenge everyone to squeeze extra motion into their day.  
Here are some of my favorite ways to add in the steps:
If you are talking on your cell phone, use this as an opportunity to move. Walk around your home, up and down your street or through your office.  If your talking you can also be walking!
Eye doctors encourage us to take periodic breaks from viewing our screens. Piggy backing on to their advice, build five minute breaks every 90 minutes to refresh your eyes and move your body.
Field Trip at the market:  This is especially helpful on a rainy day when walking outdoors can be a challenge.  Discover some new products at your super market by walking up and down every aisle.  When you least expect it, you may find a new ingredient to add to your pantry while getting in those great extra steps.